Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lava and Navigator in Burgundy Micarta

Here you see top left, a Spyderco Navigator, Spyderco Calypso Jr. ZDP189 folder, middle still factory fresh, and far right is a Lava. This Lava and the Navigator have both been rebuilt by me in Burgundy Micarta. They each were equipped with one of my signiture custom made titanium pocket clips also. The Navigator is another fine little all stainless folder from Spyderco offering a whole lot in such a small package. Either of these folders, the Lava or the Navigator are fine 50 state legal carry knives and I really like them a lot as they come from the factory but they are a bit heavier than what is shown here and also the slick stainless is at times harder to keep hold of or get a good purchase on to remove from the pocket. I've also noticed on several occasions that in cold weather these little stainless folders get darn cold so for that reason I feel its a better folder in a man made synthetic. Everyone should have one of these little Spyderco Lava folders. They are little giants of a knife that work a lot harder than the small size indicates by just looking at the measurements. Once you get one in your hand you know you have a real work horse in your hand that offers a lot of leverage and control for a short blade folder like this.


spiff d: said...

that is a great looking lava...

STR said...

Thanks. Thats one of my favorite models to work on too. I like these little knives a whole lot.