Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kiradashi Triad Lock Mini AK-47 (Japanese White Steel dual grind blade swap)

As many readers know, for years one of my beat em ups has been the mini AK-47 by Cold Steel. Every now and then as I was digging for other knives or something other than a knife in one of my storage spaces I would come across this Japan Woodworker blade I bought a long time ago. Back when I snagged these blades for some custom made frame locks I was doing they were just under thirty bucks! Now they run over 50 each easy after shipping. Still a good deal really as they are 64 Rc edge hardness with the toughness of a spring steel temper for the spine. These are fine performers and I've always liked the way the stone hammered finish looked.

This surprised me when I did this swap in a EDC I've carried for years. This little gem now has a different cutting angle and while the grip is the same you can chop and do things on a surface or counter a lot easier with this now because your fingers and the handle are well up out of the way with the new Kiradashi blade design. I'm rather liking it! Its splinter picker point is no downside either!! Thanks for looking.. Video below