Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Look at what I found on the net

I caught a skim look of this knife as I was browsing the other day on the internet and you know, scrolling down the page and thought to myself well that looked nice and then I went back up a few clicks with the mouse to check a bit more. Turns out its one I did but I don't think I ever posted any pictures or said much about it or if I did I have long forgotten about it and the pics if any were not this good. I doubt I had much in the way of a camera when I did this one. Well as it turns out I did find this one and it is not as old as I thought but further along it is here I think. I'm pretty sure its the same one anyway. Unlike some of the later models I did that were cut out with a waterjet or laser service help this one is one that was done by me on the band saw and the mill. Of course I always did that for more than the time I haven't tho. It may be hand signed too I don't know if I even had my STR punch made yet as that is not that old really.  Just thought I'd stick it up here fo reference and ole time sake and besides at first I didn't even recognize it. Getting old is great! You see something, forget about it and later watch it all over and its like brand new again! :-) .. I hope the owner of these pics does not mind me using them. I liked the pictures and thought it was worth a new post for. This was posted by someone other than who I did it for so I assume from this that it has changed hands like many do I'm sure. I've had a few I wish I'd kept myself. Anyway, just a shot of yesteryear for you subscribers.  Thanks in advance.