Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spyderco Lava progress pictures

Here is what the Lava looks like from the factory by Spyderco. These are great little all stainless folders. Some have been begging for a lighter weight less slick folder to carry though and I aim to please. This is but one of many Lavas I have rebuilt for folks. I've done these in Micarta, Micarta with ti liners, and G10 of both the textured and smooth type.. All of them come out quite well and its one of my faves to handle. Once you handle one of these its hard to put one down. They really do fit the hand. I know it looks a bit odd but as the old saying goes. There are two kinds of beauty in the world. The kind you see with your eyes that are often times liars, and then there is the time you feel with your hands, which hardly ever lie. If you have ever heard of the hug test you know what I am talking about. So, hug a Lava today! :-) STR


WWH said...

Hey, it's William. I made a blog/website also. I posted the SpyderCo Lava you gave to me. It's a really nice knife.

STR said...

Hello William. Good to see you exploring my place here. I'm glad you like the Lava. Its a great knife for sure. Enjoy and don't cut yourself with it. :-)