Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spyderco Atlantic Salt in stabalized birds eye maple

This is a Spyderco H1blade Atlantic Salt. H1 is a nitrogen based steel as opposed to a carbon based one. H1 simply will not rust under any condition. I know guys that have soaked these knives in salt water, vinegar, mud, garbage, you name it. They do this of course trying to prove the Hitachi creators of this steel wrong but so far to no avail. I know one gent that lost his H1 Salt folder outside only to find it again months later with only a short blast under the hose to clean it up and right back to work it went.. Its really an amazing steel with no evidence it had sat out in the elements for that long. Everyone should have one of these folders if they do a lot outdoors. People around the oceans swear by this steel. I've heard great things about it and how it holds up in the Amazon jungle too and that is a place where many so called stainless steels have still managed to rust.
This folder was built using .050 titanium inner liners. I tied one of my lanyard fobs to fit it but not before modifying the blade profile to give it that nice shape it has now with just enough 'splinter picker point' to get the job done should the need arise but not enough to take it down so its still not somewhat blunted. You guys unfamilar with this one may want to type in on a search "Atlantic Salt by Spyderco" or something similar and see what kind of improvement this is in just the blade appeal. Personally I find this shape much more useful also but I do imagine on a boat rocking on the waves, particularly if its nasty out, that a pointed blade would be quite dangerous. Guess its a bit hard to stab one of your mates if its a blunt tip. Even still, since publising this one I've had many of the factory FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handled models sent to me just to reprofile the blade to this Wharncliffe blade shape. Thanks for looking


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