Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buck 881 Talonite complete redesign frame lock conversion

This one was like making a folder from scratch. At first I did not want to proceed with all that was going to be needed and it did take me two tries so there was so me waste which increased the cost but in the end I went forward with everything in my original drawing that I wanted. Only thing reused was the original thumb stud, and the screws and body mounts for the folder along with the phosphorus bronze factory washers for the factory 'bull' pivot barrel which was also reused since all these things are proprietary to Buck and needed for this blade thickness to make it all work.
These are another fine example of a 'little giant' folder capable of working big. This talonite blade was in the folder when I recieved it. As I recall Reese Weiland did it and with it and the job I did it basically makes this little Buck STRider a custom knife albeit a higher dollar one since talonite isn't cheap and I doubt paying to have someone grind it would be either. I did one for myself after learning about this new age long term cutter called Talonite and being non magnetic among other things like grinding terribly hard compared to anything else I've ever done and sprarking some too I won't do any others.

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