Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buck 881 completed in it's new incarnation as a beefcake STR frame lock

Here you are looking down at the blade center when closed and the new body and talonite blade. The factory ATS34 blades are among the thickest you can expect in a folder this size. I measured the factory blade at 4.5mm thick. Thats chunky! A blade that thick makes for a sharpened pry bar which is about what these little tanks of a folder were when Buck still made them. Needless to say it means having to purchase an equal thickness piece of talonite to replace that blade. Talonite is not cheap stuff either! I was shocked to find out what just the blade alone amounted to on this knife. $60 for the Talonite material and that was just enough to make this blade and no longer or wider! The stuff is non magnetic and grinding it? Well, you may as well be grinding on a rock!

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