Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BenchMade Dejavoo frame lock conversions

Seen here are three different models of the BenchMade Dejavoo model folder, one full size model and two mini Dejavoo models. All of these come from the factory as a liner lock. As you can see from the pics I've beefed them up to heavy duty levels with thick titanium frame lock sides. All three folders were done without permanent modification; as the folders can be put right back together just as they came from the factory. I try to do all that I can without making permanent modification but of course its not always possible. You can click the pictures with your mouse and view these full size.


lima-charlie said...

That is the COOOOLEST thing you could have ever done to that folder. I would love to have one! I have had my Mini Dejavoo just sitting in its box because I was dissapointed in the liner lock strength, the tiny washers and it's overall girth. You solved every one of those problems and tripled the cool factor 10x. Look for my email begging you to do mine that way.
Excellent Mod!
Todd (aka lima-charlie)

pruitt said...

That is one seriously cool mod to the dejavoo. I've got the mini and, like the prior poster, that frame lock mod just pushes this great knife over the top. Are you going to make it available for purchase; I know I'll buy if you do. Fantastic mod! Now the knife reminds me of my Sebenza.

STR said...

If you have the knife as a liner lock from the factory I can be reached quite easily at my email address in Gmail. just remember to replace the 'at' with the @ you need to email me.

I can do this to your folder just as easily as I could my own.

Thanks for looking and thanks for the compliments.

lmcfadden said...

MAN that is awesome, I just stumbled across this page randomly... VERY COOL!