Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Rider Pocket Clips For Folding Knives

Update: Jan, 2016. see here for clip info. See below for updates. Older but current clip info.
See here for Prybar info.  Mini Ti Pry order info

 I like doing the clips on some models for folks when people call for them. I recently found some blanks I had cut out that I may as well use. Those include Para 2, Military and Para Military original, JYDII, Leek and Southard patterns that I have which I can still do. These are 35 each via check or money order or 40 for the first and 35 for each additional clip after that first via pay pal at http://paypal.me/StephenRice

 As I have always said I'll do them as long as they are called for.. In this case I will do them until the bags found are used up. After that we'll go from there. Thanks