Friday, March 30, 2012

The Fold Over Sweet Spot

Being that I create low rider or fold over style pocket clips for folding knives a lot of people ask me repeated questions. Most of these I try to cover in my info thread on this subject on my forums but one key part about creating the proper fit with fold over style pocket clips is knowing where to fold the clip for the 180 degree bend. More importantly, knowing what the customer expects. Most expect me to bury that knife for them. I try to do that when I can but often things prevent that in the way the particular knife you have is built. Sometimes due to locks for securing the blade such as with the Kershaw Leek in tip up carry, or the lanyard hole or fob on someone's folder that is in the way of where that fold over will be.invading into. These things come up. With Emerson knives in particular there are numerous places I have spoken of my warning to those thinking they want a low rider on their Waved folder. Many don't listen and jump but they don't get it, they don't understand the shift in hand position that will come from this new clip. My clip no only sits differently but the stem is higher, so its covering areas of the knife not covered before by any mounted piece of metal. Some like this shift in position my clips cause and feel its an improvement. Others complain. No one is stuck with my work ever but I tell folks plainly if you miss this its your fault. I have said it time and time again. The low rider causes the knife to sit differently in your pocket so when you go to extract your folder it will mean you are not grasping the knife the same unless you dig deeper to get there. As a result the shift in position once out and particularly with the Waved models, it affects opening in use.

You can't just just pick a spot and guess where to fold a clip. I have to examine it, test it on my own and before they are sold they are given to users to get feedback. I sell what I've been told works. Some of my clips are special. They have special features. You either get it or you don't. Again, for example, my Emerson clips are kinder to pockets, bury the knife, match the blade finish, are built in most all cases so the screws cannot fall out if they losen but must be manually removed so you don't lose them in combat or in the field and some actually complain about all of that when they get them because they get none of it! So as you can see it can sometimes be thankless but I get by as this will cause problems with the fit and being able to use the knife for those actually you know, using the knives not just carrying pocket jewelry! So, I don't just spit out a something clip for no reason. Its been used, feedback has been gained from several people and I judge the success by that.

Sometimes people don't want to mail me the folder they have or they guess at the model. This can be disaster as it can also be if they tell me tip up and it was actually tip down. Don't guess as it either will be such as to be creating a situation where your clip overhangs off the end a great deal or it falls short of even being anywhere near flush when you get it. Now granted each knife is different. Some folks when they order are very specific however I've limited the amount of custom work I will do so only some adjustments are made once a pattern is adopted and feedback says its a go.  Lets look at two common examples in the Griptilian. As many know the full size Grip and Mini Grip as well as the Ritter twins called the RSK (Ritter Survival Knife) are great designs. Wilkin's is a maker who enhanced this model with some pop on replacement scales. Those scales change things a little for both the design of the handle shape at the tail end of the knife and for the proximity of the screws to the end of the handle. For most full size Griptilian models I do the fold over right around 10mm plus or minus. The Wilkins grip is slightly longer at 12mm plus or minus. Most mini Grip models are folded over around 9mm which seems to universally fit a lot of other folders also. To find out the fold over spot what I do is measure as shown and gauge where the optimum spot should be for where to make the bend in my blank.

You can do this yourself and if you are reading here it is likely I've referred you to this link just so you can see the following pictures showing how to measure from the mid line of each of the east and west screws. Although the middle screw is measured here it is not necessary and can be ignored for my needs to do a fold over style clip to work for you. My clips only use two screws. Once I know where to make the fold I can set up the rest with no further help from you. As many know though it will vary as I do use hand tools to do these clips and there is a plus or minus of about a mm either way really. I strive to keep that to a half mm if I can but its very difficult with some models particularly if the fold over is pretty quick and near the mounting plate. Some of the fold overs are nearly on top of the screws and its just dang tough to get my tools in that tight.

Anyway, thought I'd share this since people ask. Thanks

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