Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MicroTech Socom Elite 20CV Manual Action w/ STR Low Rider Clip

Here is a final shot of the clip as it was after final tweaking to thin it down just a bit more getting the edge of the clip a little further away from the spine area. This looked pretty good there sitting with my stuff so I snapped a pic before wrapping it up to send it home. 

Shown above is the Socom Elite manual action with leaf lock and emergency window breaking tool in the form of the carbide protrusion off the end. Click any picture to enlarge.. The liner lock style of this lock is quite unique in that the lock itself is activated by a coil spring or lever spring of some kind I'm not sure without taking it apart and  since this isn't mine I can't very well do that.  The lock is on a pivoting pin secured both through the handle slab and the lock itself as opposed to being a long milled cut and a quick short cut to make a leaf set up with a bend in it to put spring tension in the lock that way. The leaf lock is quite strong from what I can tell but as to how strong only testing could pan that out. I assume it would take quite a bit to shear that pin even in the small number two size which is what it appears to be.  

This customer wanted the folder to be buried. That was quite challenging due to the fact  that the thumb stud is also the stop pin in this design by MicroTech.  I managed to bury the folder all the way in the pocket but the tolerances are quite tight to allow it to stay clear of that thumb stud as the blade rotates opened and closed.  It may be that the stud would clear so long as the clip is not bent in too far but I have seen situations where so many knives have had running changes made to the models that I've found it is best to be sure the clips clear any potential obstacle.  I like this but may be doing some trimming after hearing back from the owner of this knife. 

This shot shows just how close the stud comes. On something like the Kershaw Leek this is also an issue. The last thing you want is the thumb stud banging the clip when you open the blade.  This clip overhangs just enough to bury the folder yet stay down low enough to not get in the way of even the left hand opening the blade. . 

This is the only shot that allows you a view down to see the pin holding the lock in place.
The lock can also be seen in the picture of the clip side with the blade open. Note the shiny silver  piece of metal  just above and to the tail of the pocket clip. The pin runs through that and holds the lock in place in front of a spring also nested snug in the milled out portion of the inside of the handle. When the leaf spring lock closes it works just like a conventional liner or frame lock but it nests inside the milled area on a different spring which makes it completely unique. It would be an interesting side by side test to see which was stronger. A same thickness standard liner lock or this set up here. This one may surprise! This knife was surprisingly dull when it got here today. I've got it biting sharp now though! :-) 


»Jason said...

STR, do you sell any Socom Delta deep carry clips?


Steve A/K/A STR said...

No sir. I used to offer one and it was a custom one off but I have since discontinued taking on custom clip designs. At this time I'm just too busy with regular factory mounted clips for the top six listed in my Oct, 09 post here on my blog. Thanks