Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Para Military 2 by Spyderco Knives

My number one request for pocket clips is the Para Military 2. The Para Military original model and the Military have always been very popular for me but this model here since it arrived on the market has literally taken over a lot of pockets if the amount of requests I get for clips is any indication. While I love the fact that the two models of this knife that I own have basically paid for themselves allowing me to fashion clips for users the fact is I'd have bought this knife even if this was not the case. My feelings about this particular folder by Spyderco are that it is the most complete and well thought out folder Spyderco has ever produced. I'll be perfectly honest with you about this lock. I don't like the compression lock all that much. I have no reason for this other than just personal preference but you cannot argue that it has many advantages for strength and reliability over the liner lock many trust. Over the time I've owned this model I have actually grown quite used to the compression lock and do find it to be very much something that can be adapted to if one is patient. I doubt it will ever rank with frame locks or the Triad lock for me but I am comfortable giving it third place with the original Dodo style ball lock coming in at number 4 for me. This is just my own personal pref as I find I rate all these locks above the button lock, the liner lock, the axis lock and most others being offered for myself. 

As you can see looking at this knife I do unique clips with no two ever the same. This is something I ask of my customers in that I like having artistic license to let my creativity flow. I will however work with folks if they see a pic and want that. This Para Military 2 model with the beefier hardware and screws, the refined bushing action of the pivot, the cleaner well thought out design and placement of everything including the pocket clip and lanyard as well as the overall design of the larger handle for bigger hands all come together in such a way here that anyone that handles one has to say WOW that feels great! The hand loves a Spyderco and above all else the hand trumps the eyes when it comes to use. I mean lets be serious you can't expect to make any long term commitment with a new partner in life if that partner is one that doesn't pass the 'hug test' now can you? 
Everything from the screws and hardware used to the position of the pocket clip has been well thought out here. The pocket clip is such that in the hand it all but disappears perhaps better than any other model I can think of in recent years. 

In the hand is where Spyderco really shines and in this case the Para Military 2 model may actually raise the bar a tad higher. In fact if you ask users and fans of Spyderco knives you hear time and again about how some users didn't even care for the way the knife they bought looked at all. The term 'fugly ugly' has been used to describe Spyderco by some for many years but you often times cannot really even appreciate the Spyderco experience until you pick up one of the Spyderco knives and wrap your hand around it. For most this is the deal maker right there! You cannot deny it fits the hand and this seems to be the case with one knife after another produced by this company. Add that to a fine warranty, the best forums available from any manufacture so you can actually talk to the people within the company if you like and sometimes even the man behind it all himself and you have a very good reason to look seriously at the Spyderco product line. They get a fair amount of my knife money each year I can tell you that.  Combine all this with a company that knows the definition of sharpness, the proper use and application of blade geometry geared toward the best steels and optimum heat treatment available and you understand why guys like myself often times pick Spyderco for what goes in our own pockets. 

The Spyderco Para Military 2 refines precision high performance cutting excellence in such a way here with this model that one cannot help but say it has to be among the best knives to consider for  those trying to decide which knives to purchase. If made in the USA is something you are looking for this would certainly be in my top three suggestions for anyone at this writing. 

You have here a model available in a host of the latest and greatest blade steels, handle materials, and color options. All this comes together in such a way that it is hard once you look at this model to find one configuration you could not live with quite happily. Spyderco goes above and beyond for blade grind and optimization of cutting and edge performance. In my experience Spyderco has always set the standard for 'sharp' in this industry which is why many looking to buy a knife on the forums use terms such as 'Spydie edge' or ask questions when looking to buy a used knife like, 'is it Spyderco sharp?'  To most knife nuts we relate to that instantly because it would be a rare occurrence indeed to purchase a Spyderco that did not come biting sharp! I've bought some from other companies that were shipped to me with no bevel at all! Oh yeah! You'd be shocked who too trust me!

Anyway, I'm way late entering this on my blogger. You guys kept me hopping last year with clips and pry bars. Thanks to you and guys like you that are interested in my craft and my increasing exposure I have manged to keep my head above water for the first time in 2011 where I actually made some money. It has been nice being able to develop this niche I've created for myself in the market. The fact that I was able to do it and play with something I've always been passionate about, knives, makes it that much greater for me and that much more the reason that I love you guys showing interest in what I produce. Please know that I thank each and every one of you for your part in allowing me to do what I love doing out of my own home shop. For 2012, for you my customers,  it is my goal to continue to try to enhance your folding knives with my custom fit ti pocket clips made to order and to provide a useful pocket or key ring tool to those needing or wanting one. These two items are all I focus on now and things have grown such that this is now possible for me to do that. 

So, with that said, I hope to continue to learn and grow working to make my customers happy in a manner consistent with maintaining my reputation for good communication, prompt courteous service with as fast a ship out of your completed orders for your EDC folders as is humanly possible. I pray that our economy and our current turmoil in the world will begin to wind down so we all can continue our relationships this way . Love and light to all of you. Thanks so much for a record 2011. I look forward to helping you feel better about your folders in 2012 and beyond.  Should any of you need me you can email me at with your questions. 


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