Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Benchmade Mini and Full Size Griptilian Folders

Its just a guess on my part but I'd have to say that the mini and full size Griptilian folders must be Benchmade's best sellers. I say this because I see and hear about these models so much more than others made by Benchmade and these two models are hands down the number one request for me to set one up for a low rider fold over style clip of all the models manufactured by Benchmade. As you can see they are also requested to fit up to the Wilkin's grips which are pop on handle options to change the entire feel of the folder for the better! I've owned one of these myself and its among those I wish I'd never have sold. Nice package either way though as I also have owned the Ritter RSK version of this folder in both sizes and must say those were quite nice. The handles to me felt a bit cheap on all these and I think some still fee that the handle material chosen by BM on this model somewhat cheapens the look of it. It is plastic 'looking' and it does turn off some. The knives are actually well done though and once you use one you realize pretty quick its quite capable. Once the Wilkin's grip replacement is added though it steps the knife up to custom levels and one of these models can quickly become heirloom quality works of art. Its nice to know that some feel adding my clip to one adds that much more to one of them. Anyway, some pics for those of you wondering about the Griptilian models. Thanks for stopping by.

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