Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Off Pocket Clips

Every now and then I get asked to do a custom pocket clip application for a folder. Most of these are your everyday run of the mill jobs like just remaking an original pocket clip design for a production folder. In a lot of cases its one that is no longer made by the company they bought it from so when the owner of knife loses or breaks the original clip and needs a new one they'll touch base with me or someone that is also capable of doing it and get one that way to replace the one that broke. Some of the companies like Spyderco and Kershaw as well as a few others have told the customers about me letting them know where to look to get in touch with me. Thats pretty cool actually but anyway, these are kind of unique as opposed to others I do so I thought I'd post em up.

In this case the owner of these knives, both of which are fairly nice production folders, wanted specific needs met for his knives and included some hand drawings of his ideas to give me something to go by. I have some margin for artistic license on most of these and even though thats the case I try real hard to make them as they owners imagine. These came out pretty good I think.

Anyway, thanks for looking.



nate said...


The knives returned home today!
What more can I say? These clips turned out great, and really made these knives a joy to use. I had previously been carrying them around without clips, and felt like I was missing out, but the ergonomic hangups I was having with the stock clips kept 'em sans-clip. Now it's all good. I got my cake and I'm gonna eat it.



Steve A/K/A STR said...

Glad you are happy with them Nate. Enjoy and thanks for trusting me with your very nice users.