Saturday, September 25, 2010

He-Man Wharncliffe Frame Lock in 12C27 Blade Steel

As is typical of me I tend to work in spurts. I may go months without making a single folding knife and then suddenly back to back knock out record amounts of work when the mood strikes. I've always told people I'm a very moody maker. Thats so true and in the past when I've tried to force the mood was when accidents happened or I screwed things up. I'm not sure why this is the case but its been the story of my life regarding how I work to make my knives. As is typical of artists in general I also prefer to "paint my own pictures" (read make knives for myself) building them as they come out almost letting the knife decide how it will be rather than taking custom orders making things a particular way from a stead fast plan. In other words I'm more comfortable and things seem to flow better when I'm making what I make without a preconceived plan than making an order specifically done to certain specs for someone wanting it. I've done the custom order thing don't get me wrong, I just prefer not to and try to avoid doing it. Fortunately I have little trouble selling a knife if I want to so until I have to do it otherwise I figure I'll just keep doing things this way at my own pace in my own time.

This knife is one of those that just kind of went together on it's own and with no preconceived notion for which way I was going to go, what blade shape I was going to use or what hardware I'd select for how I would final assemble it. It may look like some of these others but believe me all of them are unique and different. This folder here is sporting a blade in a Wharncliffe shape in 12C27 blade steel hardened by Peters Heat Treat service to 60 Rockwell. I've used threaded fancy stand offs in the rear that I purchased from, a 3/16" pivot barrel and screws from Tracy at USA knifemaker supply and spline type flat head screws from Sheffield Supply to secure those rear stand off spacers. Also I opted to use two washers per side on the blade mixing teflon with PB type washers both of which were bought at Jantz supply. It took two each side to match the thickness of the blade with the stand offs and with the shoulder stop pin also from Knifekits, in place for the blade to butt against when opened and closed. The result of these washers is a surprisingly smooth opening folder. Honestly I'm quite amazed at how slick the blade just rolls out there and I must say it appears two washers per side have reduced friction tremendously! I also used a 2mm size ball bearing in the lock on this one and a grooved thumb stud. The final touch was a custom made titanium standard style pocket clip mounted for tip up right hand carry. Lastly, this model weighs in at 3.1 ounces and sports a 3.125" blade and is 4.25" closed. Thanks for looking.

This folder is available currently. $275 Pay Pal preferred Money order also. This folder is SOLD thanks

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