Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dozier Semi Skinner Folder!?

My friend Dirk (Oupa) bought this blade directly from Bob Dozier. The blade is fully hard D2 and Dirk's question to me was whether we could do a collaboration of sorts or not if I thought I could turn this fixed blade he bought into a folding knife for him with lots of upsweep. He also wanted it to be a stout liner lock so at his request Bob drop shipped the blade to me and I began mapping out the fixed blade to turn it into a folder. Cutting the blade neatly using a thin kerf cut off disc and my dremmel I managed to get the blade sectioned nice and neat and barely having it get much more than luke warm by taking my dear sweet time. A carbide drill bit in a two flute 1/8" diameter from MSC put a nice neat pivot hole in the blade and after that it was just a matter of finish grinding the contact as I do using my tilt table set at 8 degrees to put a nice 400 grit finish on the blade where the lock will mate to it. You can see more on that technique here at one of my forums if interested. http://knifedogs.com/showthread.php?95-Liner-and-Frame-Lock-Folder-Lock-Contact-My-Way

Dirk asked me to take it to completion minus the handles which he wanted to do himself so I made the frame and left the parts oversized, the screws long for the clip and drilled and threaded it where needed giving him free rein once he got it to either use some of them or cover them up neatly basically giving the completed frame to him. While I've never seen this knife once Dirk completed it I've heard from a few that have that it turned out well. From the looks of it very well. Once again this is an old job but one I've been meaning to document and store in more than one location for old time's sake. Again you can click the pictures to bring them up to a bigger size and you can follow the steps as the project progressed from scrolling up from the first picture to the last. Thanks for looking.

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