Monday, February 4, 2013

Spyderco Southard Low Rider

SHOP IS CLOSED> I Do not make clips or prybars or knives any longer. Retired as of 2014.

These are $40 plus shipping each due to the screw situation but rest assured we have solved the screw situation. It just means I need to stock another item and provide a small zip lock now for being sure these screws don't get lost in the mail. Also, the price of the screws and shipping of course although that is reasonable the little things add up so for this clip I did bump the price three bucks to try to make up for this. 

Please note for this model there are things you must know and do also before ordering. One is to know I do not own this knife and it appears running changes have taken place during its production life. So things to do to be sure you know what you need to know before contacting me are: 
1)First does the rear clip side body mount screw back out? If not save the $ its stuck and recesssed, will likely strip and cause you a bad feeling after you twist it too hard.. Some are glued in place so firm you can't budge them. Even seasoned knife nuts have failed. Lets skip that stripping the head issue shall we? 
2)Next this model has had a production change into the model year 2013 involving the pocket clip and I understand now that the new clip screws are the same diameter as, or very close to the same diameter as those of the body mount screw. If you have one of the new models with clip screws the same as the body mount or if you don't know simply twist one of the clip screws through the body mount and see if it catches or hold both a clip screw and body screw up together end to end and compare diameter of the threaded shaft..  I just learned of this tonight. You Southard owners will have to fill me in on the details of this as you discover it. The original models have distinctly smaller diameter screws and a different thread than the body mount screws. Bottom line is I need to know which model you have pre-clip update or post? 

Note holes lower left side and the difference in diameter. One model has a small hole for that left side. The other newer model with the running changes made in the design use the same screw size as the body mount screw. I simply need to know which you own before I can make the clip for you.


Okay I have some customer pics I snagged from the forums posted below. Big thanks to you guys for the donated pics! They are fantastic really. Two thumbs up!

Above is stone washed finish 

Above = bead blast finish

bead blast for the clip

Next two shots are of a Barry H handle conversion with my low rider in khaki/od finish to match with work slacks. 

Here is good shot of that really gorgeous carbon fiber Barry used. 

Customer donated photos below

Brown anodized to better match the insert for the lock stop and the scale opposite side. Not to forget how well that color blends with slacks in the work place. 

bead blasted

Brown anodized

Bead blasted finish shown here
Blue jean blue here on these. Note the differences that are subtle for shade. Typical but I've also changed solution between doing some oft these. New solution means a slight change to voltages across the board at times. 25.5 volt blue would come out now at 23.5 volts due to stronger etch solution so it can at times vary by slight differences both from this as well as variances in the alloy mix of each piece. 
This last vid is a customer donation and its also on my forum on blade forums. Thanks


Matt said...

Simply fantastic work Steve!

Ben Trembath said...

How do I get a hold of you? I'd like to order one of these, if they're still available.