Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Off Pry Bar for a friend

Been meaning to get to this for sometime as I thought of it a long while back but you guys keep me so busy with stuff I have to pick and choose when I can do various things anymore. Anyway, I got this close to perfection for all I had hoped to do for it and thought it worth documenting. Thanks for looking. You might note the info under the video and click 'show more' to read the details once the video starts. Ooops. Didn't realize you don't see that unless you click youtube to go to the website so let me paste it here. BF if you stop by here and see this it was mailed out Thursday Feb 21st.

This is a one off pry I did for a friend of mine that I support doing field research in Paracus Peru. That is if he wants it and I get the address to mail it to. It is an accurate 1mm and 5 mm, and 10 and 15 mm ruler as well as a 5 CM ruler and a 10 CM ruler. On the inch side it is accurate to 3.5" and the two holes are, V notch end = 3/16" and the flat head screw driver side where it is ground on both sides of the bar and the para cord loops through on this bar is 7/32". The thickness of the bar itself is .0925 and the bar is exactly 1/2" in width.

The V notch has a gap is exactly 2.5mm at the widest. Bury the grind line at the V notch end and it is sumberged 10mm on the mm side, 3/8" on the inch side. On the opposite end bury the grind line it is exactly 1/4" deep and finally the V notch end is taken down to a very close  .025 thin taper and the other end stops at .060 for some idea of gaps between things if you are in a spot where no other measuring tools are available. It is still a pry and dig or probe tool also of course and since it is made out of 6AL-4V titanium it is immune to the elements. The notches are each color coded. The bar is anodized five different colors. Two blues. 23. 5v on the metric side marking each hash against the sage green bar.

On the inch side the hash marks are all blue 28 volts for each 1/2" spacing. The 1/4" spaces are plum purple and the 1/8" marks are all done in bronze/gold making each one easy enough to see in sunlight as they glitter reflecting back for a quick guesstimate of something being examined. Thanks for looking and I looked into getting some of these cut out if I could use this as a template. While probably possible the cost was prohibitive. The multiple notch cuts and various depths of my design holds up the machine so long for other jobs behind it that to do a run of just a couple dozen would take an unreal amount of time so I don't think we'll be seeing many more like it. Just thought I'd show it first before tracking down my friend to see if he thinks this would be a handy tool to have on him in the field. Oh it weighs 4 tenths of an ounce. You don't know you have it on you and can wear it around your neck. Its equipped with cord that reflects back phosphorescently under a black light which is pretty cool because it is not even listed as doing that where I buy it. The para cord I picked also has the same green in it for daylight carry.


And one more one off that may or may not ever be done again by me. These are hard to do accurately. Fun but tedious.

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