Friday, June 5, 2009

Three BUSSTR folders ready for a new home

I managed to knock out all three of these today. I wasn't sure if I could get all four done this week for folks but somehow the nice weather gave me a second wind so I got after it big time today.

The two shown in the second picture lef and right top are black and tan G10 and red and black G10 models. The red one is a red linen BUSSTR about like one already posted earlier in the first run of these BUSSTR folders sporting the wonderful little Cobbler blades. All of the four made here lately turned out quite well.

These high carbon blades are some kind of awesome! I know I've said that over and over but they really are great users.

Anyway, the two G10 models are 3.3 ounces each and the red linen one here is 3 ounces even up.

I've got to say that the pictures here don't do the black and tan and black and red G10 justice. These look really cool in the hand almost sparkling from the glass pack in the way they were made. Its the first chance I've used it and put some anatomy on the handles to bring out the layering.

Thanks for looking folks



bewing said...

good looking knifes, nice work.

STR said...

Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by my blog.