Friday, June 26, 2009

Emerson CQC8 Frame Lock Conversion

This one just up. I also did a CQC13 frame lock conversion for this same customer but forgot to take digitals before shipping that one off this week. This folder here got delayed a bit due to some difficulties I had with my tap matic breaking off taps trying to thread this .160 thickness beast. I finally won out stubbornly and got it done though and it turned out sweet if I do say so myself. Nice balance on these 8s when they are converted. I really like the feel of this one. Actually, truth be told I like the feel of the stock versions of this one also. Its a 'sexy' model and the only fault I ever found with it was the size which is a bit large for me personally. The Horseman coming up here in a few that will be posted is a very appealing folder much the same in its lines as the 8 but smaller and I see one of those in my immediate future. :-)

Thanks for looking. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the 13 to post here before too long if I can talk the customer into taking some shots of it for me. If so I'll post it also. I shipped both separate when this one hit a snag so I guess that threw me off.

By the way, if the screw there in the stop throws you I have gone over that and how its done by me in some detail below in the Waveless CQC14 conversion posted here on the next page. Simply scroll down to older posts and go to the next page to read more about how and why I have done this when asked by customers. Contrary to popular belief this is not my 'default' way of doing these. I still do them with the original pin also. In fact most have been done that way. Its just something folks kept bringing up with me so I came up with something to offer those asking about a solution for what they saw as an issue.


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