Friday, June 12, 2009

Gritter's CQC14 frame lock conversion

Update. Be sure to click on refresh once the page loads. Sometimes it does not bring up the new posts automatically since your last visit so you have to kind of remind it to do so. Thanks. I did this one just the other day. Packed it up forgetting to take pictures of it.

Gritter contacted me here after seeing one of the other 14s I did for someone else. He took a lot of pictures and these are not all of them but the ones I liked a lot. He also did a review with his youtube account here and another slide show which he posted the link to in the comments.

Anyway, there are some great comparison shots of the thickness differences between what I am using on most of these (.160) vs the stock thickness most often seen in production folders (.125) which in these shots is the Emerson Comrade 12 model.

Thanks for looking and thanks to Gritter for the great pictures.



Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Steve. I absolutely love my custom Framelock! Here's a music video slideshow of it:

STR said...

No problem my friend and thank you for the wonderful slide show, youtube review and pictures.