Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kershaw SG2 Blade Blur Frame Lock Conversion

Seen here in these three shots is a brown SG2 blade Blur from Kershaw. Click any of the three pictures to see full size. This folder was sent to me to evaluate for Kershaw by Thomas Welk. I ran it through the paces and wrote a review on this one that was quite lengthy that can be found in the knife review section of blade forums. To be perfectly honest this blade was the best edge keeping blade I have ever tested on various materials. I used this blade on everything from hemp rope slicing it until my hand and fingers hurt. Then moved to cardboard, old carpet remnants, plant stock from weeds and milkweed plants in the yard, and I forget now what else. It was an amazing blade steel that has me really missing it since I sold it a few months later after finishing the testing for Kershaw. Its one of those you once owned that you wish you could get back. It was a great knife. I liked everything about it but the lock that came with it from the factory which is a very thin liner lock inlayed into the brown aluminum side. I beefed that up to my satisfaction shown here in .140" thickness titanium anodized as close to the same warm brown color that the factory scale on the non lock side is. It was built like others so that it can always be put back together as a liner lock just as it came from the factory. I don't know why anyone would do that but nevertheless, I did it so it can be reassembled. It is still quite nice as an assisted opener also but I did finally eliminate that original factory thumb stud to open the blade because it was a skin peeler on my thumb and I hated it! So, I put an aftermarket store bought fancy stud on the blade in its place. Then I recut grooves in the handle for traction marks matching the opposite side and made it brown. It is seen here as it was right after cleaning it all up for these shots. SG2 is a fantastic steel. If you happen to get one of these its a wonderful knife to snag since they were only made in limited numbers.

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