Friday, May 11, 2012

New Scagel Style Folder wearing blue jeans

My neighbor placed this order sometime ago and I promised her I would get to it. I only did ten knives last year. May not reach half that this year as anymore I find that between the clip orders and pry bar orders and my gardening and other honey do projects there just isn't enough time in the day to fit folder making in much. I did two of these. One I sent to a friend to do the scales on and he did a birdseye rivet type pivot pin with nickel silver and rear pins of the same on that one. I don't do that birdseye type rivet myself and was not sure I even had the necessary tools needed to do one correctly so I sent it my friend Jerry Barlow in Watts OK. That one is mine but this other one that I did with the pivot barrel in stainless is shown here. Both of these sport some homemade blue jean micarta which is basically stacked layers of Osh Kosh By Gosh bib overall pant legs that I loved and wore for many years. Once they wore out I had a friend with a good press recycle those through like I do some of my tee shirts which I also have sitting there on the table with the blue jean sheet. The tee shirt material came from somewhere else but it is a good thing for most. These are quite strong and done with epoxy resin. I have been very happy with the durability of it and it surprised me. Thats why I have no compunction about making it a shadow pattern with no bolsters. I've really leaned into the one I own and the material is flexible and durable and seems to resist wear well other than the fact that you can cut it. I used larger head screws on this one. I bought some screws years back that were the 2-56 size and these for whatever reason had large heads on them compared to any I ever bought. They are the best screw I have ever had shipped to me by a supplier and yet the supplier had no idea they were even different in the package they came in. Later when I reordered I got all normal size screw heads again and never again saw these so once they are gone I'm out. Fortunately they worked well for this almost covering as big an area as a birdseye rivet would have so to me this is not a bad deal. These are not super heavy duty little knives anyway, just gents folders but thanks for looking. Sorry for my video jerks. I am new and I was dead tired after a long day. As the traditionalists say regarding the action and snap of the blade this little gem has good walk and talk, weighs 1.4 ounces so its pocketable and no half stop, but flush open and flush closed and not a sharp edge on it with a pocket worn look thanks to some hand rubbing after. Thanks for stopping by to look.


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