Saturday, March 27, 2010

Umnumzaan Anodized blue and gold

Shown here is a Chris Reeve Umnumzaan folder which is the newest model Chris offers. Its the first one I've seen and due to the job request here I was able to see it all because I had to take it apart to do the blue and gold anodizing.

This looks pretty good and I hope the owner likes it. Its his color request. Took me three tries to get it to the color brightness I wanted but I managed. Third tries a charm as they say.

Thanks for looking.


dubylsyx said...

Seems to me that there MIGHT be a couple Mountaineer fans interested in THAT particular color scheme. :)

How ya' doin, Big Brother?

STR said...

I thought of that also. Maybe a WV dremmeled into the frame in yellow gold letters after doing the frame in blue was what came to mind.


dubylsyx said...

Oh Man... That would be wicked lookin'... Think maybe YOU should create a WV knife of your own... get some sugar maple for inlays or scales or whatever. You could get REALLY creative with it.