Saturday, January 2, 2010

CQC14 Pop on Frame Lock installed

Please note that this job shown here known as a frame lock conversion along with some others I used to offer are no longer being done by me. I will not be offering this service for production models or the services of rebuilding lock back style folders like some of the Spydercos shown here and this is something that I just decided not too long ago. The reasons for this are too lengthy to get into here. I leave what is shown here in these posts in my blog for your viewing pleasure only. At this time I am trying to focus more on my custom folders which I make from scratch. I will continue to offer my custom folders and my custom titanium pocket clips and pry bars as well but I have limited the numbers of these I will do at one time also. If you wish to know more about why, or what other jobs just write me or post a question in a comment. Thanks for understanding.

My first post for 2010 is shown here and it is one of the pop on frame lock sides in .160 thickness 6AL-4V titanium I did for folks a while back. This is left over from last year. This was made for the Emerson CQC14 model without even having the knife shown here in the picture here to use but simply by doing all the same prep work as if I did have the knife here and then shipping the frame out to the owner of the knife to install himself.

The holes are all mated up to match up perfectly to the original factory side so all the user has to do is open this lock, disassemble their folder and reassemble it using the new thicker slab instead of the original factory thin liner lock and G10 scale.

Some of the models have been tricky to do this with but the 14 and the Horseman have both proven to be quite consistently identical from Emerson so I have had success with several now doing them this way for folks. The owner of the knife then installed the lock side and new replacement non rattle stop pin and took these pictures.

Oh and by the way. I appreciate the great pictures. They always look so much better when someone else takes the pictures so I can post them here.



C1 said...

The Emerson sure looks nice!! I saw that you also make clips for different folders.
I would like to buy a low-rider clip for a Benchmade Presidio 5000 (same as 520). Is it possible for you to make two (one spare) for me. Tried looking for you e-mail but couldnt find, thats why I send you this comment. Thx //C1

STR said...

My apologies for the delay. My email is here somewhere. I thought I put it where it could be easily found.

No worries though. Just email me here at only use the @ sign of course to replace where I typed at.

Once I hear from you we'll go from there. Pics help if you can attach one or two for the clip side of the knife in question. Thanks