Friday, July 10, 2009

Nick's Emerson HD14 Conversion

Wow! Another in a super long line now of these CQC14s mailed to me to convert into as close an example of an HD folder by Emerson that I can muster. This one turned out right nice and is ready to ship back to its home.

This is another one done with no permanent modifications to it so it can be reverted back to factory condition if the owner so decides. Original liner, this one a purple anodized one tweaked a little by the owner and scale, and the original stop pin are in a separate baggy to ship home with it tomorrow morning when it heads out.

You may notice another upgrade the owner did to this model before I got it here and that shows quite well in the spine shot on the rear spacer with the glow in the dark inserts to give a personal touch. Thanks for looking.


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