Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kershaw Rainbow Leek with STR emerald green ti low rider clip

Shown here is a emerald green anodized titanium pocket clip made to fit a Rainbow Leek by Kershaw knives. Sometimes they come out so nice you just have to show em off a little. Keep in mind that the one shown is a concept. And while it is the basic pattern I designed originally trying to stay along the same feel as the original clip that comes on the folder when new we do have some room to play there creatively to make adjustments if we like. So long as I am able to work within the templates I have precut out using up my titanium stock I'll work with folks. We can go over that when you contact me.


Here are a few more of the same model only a standard Leek in tip down carry vs the rainbow model which is set up for tip up carry. Most of these aftermarket low rider clips I make are going to be 'location specific'. If you imagine flipping the clip on this rainbow model to tip down you can see that the fold over would overhang off the end by quite a bit. This is typical of many folders as the proximity of the holes to the end of the knife is most always different from one mount position to the other. Doesn't matter if it is a Spyderco Para Military or Military or one of the Leek models or many others. Few are going to be the same for hole placement in regards to their distance from the end of the handle.

Hope that makes sense.

The Leek ranks up there for me with the Para Military 2 and my mini AK 47 for the top three spots in my everyday line up. It would not be unusual to catch me with one or more of the above on my person at any time. One thing the Leek really has going for it is the perfect size! I love the size of the Leek and the blade shape which I consider to be among the most useful you can use. I also love the rainbow Leek in particular because a friend of mine has one of these he bought years ago and I sharpen it for him frequently due to how he uses it. The finish on this knife is so durable and scratch resistant that you have to respect it regardless of how pretty it looks because it makes for a very durable pocket knife. I find the blade steel Kershaw uses to be more than adequate preferring the 14c28 over 420HC or anything being offered by SAK or Case only preferring 154CM and ATS34 over it for the more frequently seen stainless steels made available. I'd take S30V or D2 over all these though. Fortunately the Leek has been offered in so many blade steels that one should be available to please even the biggest steel snob around. I had a Leek with ZDP189 and another in 110V. Both were gifted to my son though as I did not want to use the limited editions. I have no problem using the very common rainbow Leek. I snagged this folder off of Wal-Mart on line for just over $55 shipped! I can't argue with that at all for what you get. .

Thanks for looking
Leek Factory Clip 

Factory clip tip down
Custom Low Rider Tip down 

Low Rider in pocket shown in titanium, anodized blue @ 28 volts for the DC power supply 


Jeff said...

Very nice clip. Where can I order one? Thanks Jeff

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Right here Jeff. Thanks for asking


Lina said...

nice....like it...:)

Beads Store said...

Keep up the good work. :)
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PATRIOT said...

i would like to buy green clip

Steve A/K/A STR said...

I would like to sell you one. Simply visit here and when I know the details I need to do the job I'll knock out a clip for you. Thanks

Nathan said...

How much do you charge for a bead blast leek clip, right hand, tip up? Thanks

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Nathan all my clip info can be found here including new updates for 2012
email me at STR@bladeforums.com and we can get you a clip for your Leek. Thank you.