Monday, October 4, 2010

V Grind Hammer Forged White Steel Kiridashi Liner Lock In Textured Green G10

What can I say. I liked the folder like this one that I did for my sister so much I decided I had to have one for myself. :-)
Same specs just slightly thicker G10 and a V grind blade instead of the one side grind model. I equipped mine with a pocket clip for right hand tip up carry and used black screws for the clip since I'm out of the shiny ones. Mine weighs more than the one for my sis which is the orange one right below this green one I did for myself. As shown this one weighs in at 3.5 ounces.
Just a reminder to those of you new to my blogger, drag your mouse on any picture and click on it through out my blog and you can bring it up to full size. 
Thanks for looking.



dziab said...

It's simply amazing!
This one and the one for your sister are both great. I wish I was your brother so you could make me one ;)
Great work!

I just got here and I'm subscribing to your RSS feed, looking forward to your next works.

Greetings from Poland, Michal.

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Thanks Michal! Much appreciated.


NekoGirl said...

Wow, did you really make that?