Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Sweet Gerber Folding Sportsman I Folder.

One of my favorite models of all time from any production knife company has always been this very model of slimline folding Sportsman by Gerber. This is a knife made sometime in the 80's based on the color of the box it came in. (blue) I bought it a few years back on ebay and after having it in the safe for quite a while I finally got around to doing something to it I've been wanting to do ever since I did one for a customer at his request years ago this same way.

Some have asked since I made changes to what I'll do in the way of work if I still do these mods shown here. EDIT: Feb-2013. Unfortunately for those wanting this model converted as well as others including the Buck 110 also shown here on my blogger the answer is no I do not offer knife modification any longer. All I do now are my routine made to fit factory knife pocket clips and my mini ti pry. I do appreciate the old jobs though and these are posted for nostalgia only.

I have five of these folding Sportsman I models by Gerber, all new in the box just the way they shipped from them and thats not counting this one I picked to modify. I picked this one because I have another in a blue box just like it and because I thought it was the latest one done. In other words its the newer of all my models.

Anyway, the Gerber safety pause (basically a 'half stop' on the lock back) has little affect for how easy and convenient this little gem of a folder is to open now after I upgraded it to one hand opening by adding a thumb stud to the blade and installed a custom made pocket clip on it to make for more convenient lint free carry. It opens quite nicely and since I've rounded off the edges with a bevel unlike the sharp crisp corners from the factory its more comfortable in the hand now also. One of the issues of the Sportsman line in it's day as well as the Gerber PK knives was that they were long, skinny, heavy and sharp edged. This meant they had this tendency to eat their way right through pocket seams. I lost two of the slip joint slimline PK knives as a youth that very way. Those sharp crisp corners took their toll on fabric over time. One day I reached into my pocket and my knife was gone! Years later that same thing happened again. I later discovered that other fans of this model also experienced this and that led to some seeking me out to do pocket clips for their folders. I figured hey it is about time I do one for myself so this is it here! 

This is right up town here folks and much more conducive to everyday carry for a knife this small for foot print size yet that weighs this much. @ 3.6 ounces here! Compared to the Buck 501 at 2.4 ounces that is actually a longer blade model this is a chunky folder. Anyway, this model is from back when Gerber still did things right  here in the USA. A knife from yesteryear brought up to present day standards! Love it!