Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mini Titanium Prybars

Seen here are some .090 thickness 6Al-4V grade 5 titanium prybars I started making a few years ago. Call these the first generation. See my newest posting on these for the current ones being made. http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogspot.com/2011/02/mini-ti-pry-info-thread.html

All my new ones are being done withe V nail pull in the end now and since doing this they are $30 shipped. These started out as a smart way to use up some scrap left over end cuts of titanium sheets I had from folding knifemaking but that were too small to use for folders. It didn't take me long to realize there was a market for them albeit a small one. I don't make that many these days like I did when I first started offering them but when I do make a batch they don't last long usually. I'm down to six remaining from this batch at this writing, most of which sold before I even got the pictures loaded everywhere I wanted to put them. Go figure.

Anyway, these are great stocking stuffers for Christmas and make great gifts for other times. These are usually just as fast getting there first class and its cheaper than Priority so that is how I mail them unless you wish to pay for Priority mail. If so just advise of this when you order.. International shipping is a case by case basis and you need to contact me first to work out how that will be done and the cost.

These are available in a variety of colors as you can see and each one is slightly different as I do still do these up from base raw materials all by hand from scratch. While the video below shows me grinding one it does not show the steps involved just to get to that step where I can now grind. Before that I have to drill progressive holes, finish the holes with a 83 degree drill and then cut that bar in half which is also one of my public videos showing me cutting the strips that give me two bars each to grind. I wrap them either in para cord or some other decorative nylon cord wrap which you can pick for yours should you buy one. This cord helps to aid grip and looks, as well as, allow one to carry them on key rings.

I have been told my pry bar is quite handy. They have been popular with a niche group most often popular with folks working in 'non knife' office environments or where "sheeple" friendly attire is needed like a public job where they are seen a lot. Also, some people like having a tool on them besides their knife and don't particularly want to use their knife for jobs that will ding the edge all up or break the tip so this little tool here fits the bill and can actually open boxes and pop tape to separate it from the roll or lift a tab, as well as, pry staples and other things doing the stuff folks want done. I've also sold some of these prybars to police officers that use them as PI (private investigation) probes for evidence gathering and investigation work at crime scenes to dig around in places they don't necessarily want to touch with their fingers. Apparently titanium is preferred because it is an inert metal and will not contaminate the crime scene. The way I make these they are actually equipped with a flat head screwdriver on one end and a pry bar on the other. Many folks that carry Emerson folding knives like these for the flat head screwdriver; as they can use their pry bar to adjust their pivot screw tension. If you are familiar with Emerson knives you are surely aware that the pivot tends to loosen over time so these can be quite handy to have around on your key ring if you happen to carry an Emerson folding knife.

These pry bars, while not what I'd call extreme heavy duty are still plenty thick titanium so they do hold up quite well and you can actually get rough with them. Believe me people have done so and then told me about it. I have customers that use them from all over the world at this point and while they are certainly not what I'd call a hot seller they do seem to serve a purpose for some so if one interests you here let me know. I had one email recently from a Dept. of Defense Col. just back from Afghanistan and he told me a story of how one of these little simple tools likely saved lives opening up stubborn wooden ammo crate lids when they could not force it otherwise allowing ammo to get to hands just in time according to him. I tell ya, it kind of choked me up a bit to think that this simple tool could have that kind of a profound effect on someone but apparently that is the case. If you like the idea but wanted a heavier one or one longer maybe, well, I may have some thicker scraps of titanium in the shop from folding knife making and other things I'm into so just ask. I'm easy to reach by email and that seems to work best for me.

Thanks for looking. Oh and for anyone curious see the video below on how I do theses. Sorry my help hit the button to shut it off before even showing the pry bar I just completed grinding. Other than this and some last footage jerkin around when I was hitting my signature punch she did a stand up job on the video. Enjoy. 


dubylsyx said...

Yes, please... :) I am going to place an order for 3 of these immediately. Been fencing with a couple guys and they're helping me out so, I'm looking to give them a ti-pry to satiate them till Christmas when I will be placing an order for 2 of your customs (either the Bushcraft that Rob and I have) or the Hawkbill version. These pry bars... You figure they'd be capable of prying out staples out of locust and/or pine posts? They look like they'd do so easily, but just wanting your opinon.

Anyway, Brother, you take care. Drop me a line- dubylsyx@yahoo.com.

STR said...

I guess it depends on the staples and size but probably so. Some of the sheriff deputies that have bought them have done some pretty hard jobs with them and praised them for taking it so I assume so. I hear tell they tear up the inside of washing machines pretty good too Joe! So, get em out of your pants before running a load! :-) Titanium this thick can pull off a lot of stuff. I have to heat em up to bend them so I don't think they'll bend back real easy. I mean I'm not saying that someone couldn't just that if they did bend back some it would probably be a pretty good indicator you're pushing the limits of what they are designed to do at that point. I don't think you'll hurt em other than dinging up the grind edge where it thinner but its a simple matter of filing that right back down later and for that matter steel ones ding up there too so its no big deal. The real advantage to the ti is the lighter weight and being able to color them some.

If you wanted something thicker I may have some laying around that would beef one or three up even more for you if these don't prove tough enough for what you have in mind.

dubylsyx said...

Well, STR might be hiring me as a salesman. :) Just sold the black one you sent me to my secretary; her husband is a DOT Officer and she said he'd use the HECK out of it... So I sold her mine. There will be a check coming to ya'-- less my commission of course! Don't know what $1.43 will buy ya' in your neck of the woods nowadays, but I am expensive, Brother. :)

STR said...

$1.43? Wow! I'm rich! Give the money to mom if you just want to give it to me. Tell her to put it down on Bingo card for me or something.:)

So I guess this means you received all three of the ones I mailed you then? Thats good to know. I was wondering. Been trying to call to ask you but no one is ever there to answer the phone! :-) Must be getting close to school closing. Carol is on her last day today and counting down!


Andy said...


I would like to order a few of the mini pry bars. What options do you offer and how do I go about ordering them? I am interested in getting 2 or 3.

My contact is brillobean@gmail.com

Jackhammer said...

I too would like to place an order... or at least a pre-order if you don't have any on hand. Can you send me some information on how to order?

My contact info is:

Thanks, Andy

Bayouself said...

Like to purchase a couple of these. Please contact me at mepilie@gmail.com thanks

Tex84 said...

Hey STR I'd like to buy one of your mini pry-bars!

My email is : lyndonpwll@gmail.com

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Thanks and email inbound as always. I'll wait to hear back from you.

Unknown said...

Would like to buy one of these! mail@michaelhawkphotography.com

Xcellent Photography said...

Would love to have one of these if your still running them

bme said...

Would love to purchase one of these if your still running them.

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Yes I still make them. To get to the current info thread use the link top the post there under the pic and there is additional pictures and information there. I am easy to reach. STR@bladeforums.com works best. Thanks for asking.

James Patterson said...

Steve, great product from what I've been able to read and see. Thanks to Nutnfancy for this EDC option. I would like to order some of the mini ti pry bars and perhaps a few of your knives as well. Please send me the "how to" and order information to: jcpattrrson2@gmail.com when you get a chance. Thanks and looking forward to using your products.

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Hello J.C. Thanks for the comments on the pry bars. I appreciate it. I normally refer people here http://www.strsbackyardknifeworks.blogspot.com/2011/02/mini-ti-pry-info-thread.html and tell them once they digest the various options and colors (click the pics to enlarge) then you get back to me. Your email doesn't work so I must not have it all or something is missing I don't know. Anyway, thanks

Roberto Garza said...

Are there any pry bars still available??

would greatly appreciate if you could contact me at


- Roberto

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Always. Just email me at STR@bladeforums.com Thanks