Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deacon's Spyderco R2 Re-incarnated

Big thanks to Deacon for contributing these photos of his folder seen here with some Koa wood scales on it over .050 jeweled titanium liners. The jeweling on the inside doesn't show up of course but its a bit hard to see other than having the folder in your hands in the right light.

This conversion took quite a bit of 'special treatment' to get done. None of the original hardware could be reused and unfortunately the folder did have to be modified permanently to make it go together in the configuration requested when I had to drill out the blade pivot hole to a new 1/4" size from the 7/32" or close to that that came on it from the factory. That original barrel was just not long enough to allow for the new liners and scales.

If you are not familiar with the model shown here, I've also reprofiled the blade to a splinter picker point and of course the handle shape is closer to that of a Spyderco Stretch which is what the owner of the knife wanted. This folder was ordered with no pocket clip. It opens up very well and is rock solid when locked up with no give at all. I was fortunate that I happened to have a barrel from a past job that was the exact size needed for the rocker arm on this folder. Otherwise the whole project would still be on hold looking for it. Thanks to finding that one piece that had the proper length needed compared to the original the entire project became a possibility instead of a pipe dream. Fortunately for the Deacon I pulled off his idea and applied it in what you see shown here. Thanks for looking.


cougar337 said...

It looks great!! I love Koa wood and would love to have my next custom made from Curly Koa. Thanks for sharing this, beautiful job

dubylsyx said...

Wow... I can't believe how awesome that looks! You, Sir, are top notch.