Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kershaw Blur SG2 Frame Lock (#2)

This one just up. It is the second SG2 Blur model I've rebuilt the lock side on. This one received one of my signiture low rider pocket clips anodized to match the folder. Turned out quite nice I think. I love the blade on these models. That SG2 is not a bad steel at all in this thickness. The kitchen knives in this steel are taken down much thinner but the edge seems more stable to me left a bit thick and while this knife does not have a super obtuse edge geometry the added beef it does have at the apex of the cutting edge seems to make the edge stronger to me which means it holds a good bite for longer. As is usually the case when I do this kind of thing for folks, no permanent modifications were made to the folder. The assisted opening still works as it did and it can also be put back together as the liner lock it came shipped as from the factory or you could remove it altogether no matter how you assembled it and just use it manually.. Most people end up never using the old parts again and and some even sell the knives later to people not including the parts that would still work if ever one decided to do it. So always ask when buying something I did because many of the Emerson and other folders I built lock sides for are not modified at all. I just built a lock side to pop on it. Also, please note, I enjoy the fact that so many come here and view my old jobs. It pleases me to get comments and I like that people want them but I quit doing this type of work as of  Jan 1, 2010. All I focus on now are my custom made titanium low rider and standard style pocket clips and my mini ti pry bars which keep me so busy I just don't have time for other jobs.

Click any pic to enlarge full size. The second picture is a bit blurry but not too bad to show how I tried to match the color of the aluminum factory side to the new titanium lock and clip side. Close but not quite there but fortunately they still blend together quite well I think. Thanks for looking.



FOG said...

this is a masterpiece among blurs!
i love this knives, and your is even better than the original.
hope one day you'll be ready to do something like this to sell, i'll be waiting!!
thanks for sharing

Steve A/K/A STR said...

Thanks. I actually did a few of those Blurs all about the same for looks with the difference being the pocket clip each had. These days I don't have time or the energy to tackle that thick titanium anymore. Those tanks were .160 thick! Wrestling titanium that thick and breaking taps off in the stuff while rare, happened enough to eventually wear on me. Its nice to know they bring some pleasure to those viewing though.