Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Rider Pocket Clips For Folding Knives

Update: see here for clip info. See below for updates. Older but current clip info.  http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogspot.com/2010/12/custom-low-rider-pocket-clips.html

I was beginning to lose faith there for a while as things really dropped off but even now things come at a trickle anymore compared to yesteryear.  I still see lots of traffic here each week but I removed the info to make changes. Things are not selling like they were so I'm going to be discontinuing some select models no longer called for. Clips have died off for interest from across the board here in my shop this year.  I'm not seeing any interest at all from anyone compared to past years really. It is probably related to options available now on the aftermarket but for now I do still custom make fold over and standard style clips to fit folding knives.

 I liked doing them for folks when people wanted them. As I have always said I'll do them as long as they are called for.. My prices are where they are to pay our rich uncle his cut at the end of each year. I can't do that without it priced where it is. But no excuses. They are $35 ea. $40 if you use pay pal and that is that. A penny less either way I'm paying the customer to do the job and I don't have the money to pay uncle sam. That can't work.

In the mean time I'll sell the remainder of what I have if you call for it and I have it in the way of blanks but at a trickle of one or two clips ordered every month, well, its just not going to be feasible to keep them in stock the way I did in the future, meaning once these are gone and used up. So for the Griptilians, Emersons, and all using that clip I still can fill orders. Still have the Leek, the JYDII is down to very few left. And the Para 2 while they last. Once gone at the rate of requests these Spyderco and JYDII patterns will be dropped. For now I do have some. I do have some Southards left and Military models. which use the Para original clip pattern so I'll have that as well while they last.



Stormdrane said...

Great pocket clips! I've added your blog to my blog's links list.

STR said...

Thanks for that Stormdrane. I don't know why it shows as 0 posts on this post but it is the case. I had approved your comment and it should show on the front page but does not. At least it doesn't for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Isaac said...

Hey, that looks like a great idea. How much does it run?

STR said...

Easier to just forward you to my info. thread. All the answers to your question and more are here my friend. Thanks for asking. If you are not registered on blade forums you may have to register to read this. Not sure. The process is quite simple and there are no strings really. Just give them a valid email and you can join up. Thanks for asking and for the compliments. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=525771

s said...

neat idea.just what i was looking for.
will these clips fit on a case knife?


Steve A/K/A STR said...

It depends on the Case model in question. I've done some but few for folks. Some are more trouble than others. One of the main problems I've run into is trying to weave a mount area in between the pins which as you can tell on some are quite difficult to see after polishing.

Another is thickness. If the knives are not properly thick it can be hard to make enough threads to grab. You also want to be sure not to cause the knife to have the action of the blades to become compromised as they rotate.

All in all its very hard for me to tell on many pinned models. I have done them though as I said, both in lockback models like the small Buck 501 and Gerber Slimline Folding Sportsmans to the full size 110 and some slip joints like the Case models that use a back spring.


Dan said...

This is very cool. I have had some visitors from my website on Schrade Knives inquire about replacement pocket clips for their knives and I have sent them to this article. Your clips look very professional. If you are interested in some sort of direct collaboration please contact me.

Steve A/K/A STR said...

I'm pretty easy to reach on my forum at bladeforums.com in the makers section or by posting a comment here. I have to moderate them here to keep the spam from being posted and thats been a bit of a problem but I check in at least once a day for new comments.

I try to avoid working much on pinned type knives, particularly those that don't lock and have multiple blades but knives like the LB7 LB5 and the knives that came with clips are often times something I help people with when they have one that broke or got lost or something. Thanks for stopping by.

Dan said...


Thanks for the information. I will try to send people to both your website here and your bladeforum section. Typically, the people asking me about clips are looking for replacement clips because theirs has broken.

I spent a little more time today looking at your custom knives and modifications and I really enjoyed taking the time to do that.

best wishes,


Steve A/K/A STR said...

Thanks again Dan. There are a lot more pictures of pocket clips I've built for folks posted on my forum over the last few years. I can't say I do a ton of them but they are usually for people in situations where the one they have is either broken or not working or as in your case something like that only on a knife that is no longer made so its not like they can call the company and get a replacement. Its satisfying to be able to help in those cases.


Darren Simon said...

Do you have a clip for SOG Twitch 2 or Kershaw Volt 2?
Love your work, exactly what I'm looking for!

Nick Esposito said...

Hi, I'm interested in a deep carry pocket clip for a rainbow leek, are you still making matching ones? Thanks in advance for your time, feel free to contact me at SendJunkToNick at Yahoo dot com

Hope to hear from you