Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Rider Pocket Clips For Folding Knives

Update: I'm dealing USA only from today on. June 30, 2014. I can no longer rely on international mail as once more today yet another and another after for an AP address containing two clips failed to show. Time and time again all last and into this year one package after another fails to arrive. I'm done. I hate to cut you guys off but I don't know why I'd sell it to you when chances are I'll just be refunding it in 30 days when you say it never arrived. I'm done. No more overseas shipments. Period!
STR Pocket Clips and how to order

I have done away with my work order form. Answer for me the following if you know the clip you want and are ready to order, (highlighted for easy ref)

1) is it tip up or tip down carry for your pocket clip needs? 
2)Color choice if any for anodizing on the clip? Note I cannot do black or red color. (see Feb 2011 post menu right for last pic color chart in my pry bar thread) I offer 
3)stone washed or 
4)etched which looks like its bead blasted. 
5)anodized a color after washing it. I might hand rub some. I'm done with bead blasting. Sorry. Just too much mess and my asthma is unforgiving.

Please copy paste and use this email STRsbackyardknifeworks@gmail.com for all contact or payments and any of my remaining emails work for pay pal as well I just prefer this for clips and prybars, so if you've paid using one of my other emails you are fine, they do work so no need to change I just like this one.. Note: If you pay for the clip using the pay pal options for payments so you are donating, or giving a gift or basically, not that I don't appreciate it, but paying other than for goods the address does not show on my end. This delays your order at times so please pay for goods. Pay for goods please. Total for 2014 is going to be $40 if you use pay pal. As of this writing after the postage hike takes effect. Pay pal does not even allow one using Chrome to view their statements in PDF. It drives me crazy each year and they are on my short list presently. I do expect to still use them. However, for those of you wanting to get a discount and save me a pain from them and PP as of today also, if you write me a check made out to Steve Rice its $35 and just send that to the address here or below 4006 Woodville Rd Bartlesville, OK 74006. All I ask is you be sure I know exactly who you are. You contact me as a screen name and pay with a check with your real name how else do I know who the frick it is!? :-) Seriously I have trouble putting the two together at times. I'm easy. Just no checks or MOs made out to the email or my initials or the backyard please. The bank don't like that. 

 Overseas limited to singles only and that remains the same for 2014. I am so sorry. I just don't trust customs. Allow ten days sometimes in peak demand times even mailing in the states it can be longer at times as they do go the wrong way now and then. It is rarely longer than this in the states but USPS has amazed me before. International can be two or more weeks. I only mail first class.  

I no longer do any custom work like my blog shows all over. The jobs up other than my pocket clips are just up for nostalgia. As of 2013 all I do are my low rider pocket clips for folding knives mostly consisting of what is listed below and my mini Ti Pry Bar that is also still offered. I just can't fit the more time consuming jobs in any more but I love that you guys ask me.

How To Order what I do offer.  If you need one of the top five listed below just tell me your needs you are good. Anyone else, or your knife not here contact first. 
1)The Spyderco Para-Military 2. Uses the same clip as that seen on the Delica and Endura 4, the Stretch 2, Manix 2 also I think and, probably other models of Spydercos I am not aware of. Please note that the Gayle Bradley is a different hole pattern than either the Para 2 or the original Manix, Lava and those clips+ and as of this date I do have a template for this Gayle Bradley model which is also on the Manix XL as I recall. The one I used to copy these spacings down for is the carbon fiber GB model. While the GB is being ordered more frequently these last few months than the JYDII nothing beats the Para 2 for frequent requests in my shop at least for the pocket clip.. .I do a lot of the Para 2 low riders for mostly tip up carry . http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogsp...co-knives.html
2) The Mini and Full Size Griptilians would be the original three hole clip invented by Sal Glesser of Spyderco that is the same hole pattern as those used on all Emerson knives or the Benchmade Griptilian and mini Grip folders. It has been used by Spyderco on the Manix, the Lava, the Calypso Jr. and many others. You will see this clip on many Spydercos and even some older Kershaw models from yesteryear. See some pics here and note the link for the Military below for another look at more Mini and Full Size Grip clips.http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogsp...riptilian.html
This clip is a million use clip really and being that it is the oldest design in the knife industry it has been used a lot by manufacturers and makers on many many models of knives ever since Sal first introduced it. This original three hole pattern is everywhere in the industry and if your knife uses this clip I got ya covered I just may need to know specifics regarding the fold over sweet spot which we can discuss once I hear from you.. see here on fold over sweet spot info: http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogsp...over-spot.html
3)Leek by Kershaw..pics here http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogsp...r-emerald.html I've got ya covered here for the 1660 model Leeks and for the Blur, or Shallot also which use the same clip pattern. .Please note though that I do not own either the Blur or the Shallot so some adjustment on the customers part up to and sometimes including having to enlarge a hole if different screws are used may be needed. If you are not prepared to do this don't order the clip or mail me the knife to do the job for you as I cannot guarantee issues can't come up on models I do not own or do not keep up with. It will save you return shipping to get a refund. 
4) JunkYardDog II (JYDII). This JunkYardDogII model is another I also happen to own in the form of the SG2 frame lock model. It is not as frequently called for as it once was but for those that do need a clip for this model I have a pattern to fit it.http://strsbackyardknifeworks.blogsp...ket-clips.html . 
5) Then the Spyderco Military and original Para Military

6) and of course now the newest addition to the clips offered routinely, the Southard Folder clip and the Southard is of course by Spyderco. Southard clip thread. Please note for this model there are things you must know and do also before ordering. One is to know I do not own this knife and it appears running changes have taken place during its production life. So things to do to be sure you know what you need to know before contacting me are: 
1)First does the rear clip side body mount screw back out? If not save the $ its stuck and recesssed, will likely strip and cause you a bad feeling after you twist it too hard.. Some are glued in place so firm you can't budge them. Even seasoned knife nuts have failed. Lets skip that stripping the head issue shall we? 
2)Next this model has had a production change into the model year 2013 involving the pocket clip and I understand now that the new clip screws are the same diameter as, or very close to the same diameter as those of the body mount screw. If you have one of the new models with clip screws the same as the body mount or if you don't know simply twist one of the clip screws through the body mount and see if it catches or hold both a clip screw and body screw up together end to end and compare diameter of the threaded shaft..  I just learned of this tonight. You Southard owners will have to fill me in on the details of this as you discover it. The original models have distinctly smaller diameter screws and a different thread than the body mount screws. Bottom line is I need to know which model you have pre-clip update or post? 

I do not know how long to expect this Southard clip to remain hot. It is at the moment but it has all the markings of a trend clip so we'll have to see.  Do keep in mind with this clip, as with others where I have the pattern but not the acutal knife such as the Griptilians, the Emersons, the Blur, Shallot, and Southard as well as many others well, when I do a clip for you for these you may need to adjust the final fit to make it center or even mount. I often times cannot keep up with changes made in the industry and these things do come up. Spyderco did announce a clip change on this model due to some issues so I'm still waiting to verify it but it appears maybe some of those changes were clip screws also. I rely on you owners to confirm this or disprove it for me. Thanks

Steve Rice 
4006 Woodville Road
Bartlesville OK 74006

By the way. For those interested in more about me and summary of my story see the bladereviews link here.

Video of me at work:


Stormdrane said...

Great pocket clips! I've added your blog to my blog's links list.

STR said...

Thanks for that Stormdrane. I don't know why it shows as 0 posts on this post but it is the case. I had approved your comment and it should show on the front page but does not. At least it doesn't for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Isaac said...

Hey, that looks like a great idea. How much does it run?

STR said...

Easier to just forward you to my info. thread. All the answers to your question and more are here my friend. Thanks for asking. If you are not registered on blade forums you may have to register to read this. Not sure. The process is quite simple and there are no strings really. Just give them a valid email and you can join up. Thanks for asking and for the compliments. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=525771

s said...

neat idea.just what i was looking for.
will these clips fit on a case knife?


Steve A/K/A STR said...

It depends on the Case model in question. I've done some but few for folks. Some are more trouble than others. One of the main problems I've run into is trying to weave a mount area in between the pins which as you can tell on some are quite difficult to see after polishing.

Another is thickness. If the knives are not properly thick it can be hard to make enough threads to grab. You also want to be sure not to cause the knife to have the action of the blades to become compromised as they rotate.

All in all its very hard for me to tell on many pinned models. I have done them though as I said, both in lockback models like the small Buck 501 and Gerber Slimline Folding Sportsmans to the full size 110 and some slip joints like the Case models that use a back spring.


Dan said...

This is very cool. I have had some visitors from my website on Schrade Knives inquire about replacement pocket clips for their knives and I have sent them to this article. Your clips look very professional. If you are interested in some sort of direct collaboration please contact me.

Steve A/K/A STR said...

I'm pretty easy to reach on my forum at bladeforums.com in the makers section or by posting a comment here. I have to moderate them here to keep the spam from being posted and thats been a bit of a problem but I check in at least once a day for new comments.

I try to avoid working much on pinned type knives, particularly those that don't lock and have multiple blades but knives like the LB7 LB5 and the knives that came with clips are often times something I help people with when they have one that broke or got lost or something. Thanks for stopping by.

Dan said...


Thanks for the information. I will try to send people to both your website here and your bladeforum section. Typically, the people asking me about clips are looking for replacement clips because theirs has broken.

I spent a little more time today looking at your custom knives and modifications and I really enjoyed taking the time to do that.

best wishes,


Steve A/K/A STR said...

Thanks again Dan. There are a lot more pictures of pocket clips I've built for folks posted on my forum over the last few years. I can't say I do a ton of them but they are usually for people in situations where the one they have is either broken or not working or as in your case something like that only on a knife that is no longer made so its not like they can call the company and get a replacement. Its satisfying to be able to help in those cases.


Darren Simon said...

Do you have a clip for SOG Twitch 2 or Kershaw Volt 2?
Love your work, exactly what I'm looking for!